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Product Care

We hope you will wear and enjoy your beautiful artisan-made handbag long into the future.

There may be slight differences in the shades of color in the leathers, proof that the leathers have been skillfully and naturally tanned.

Please handle your KNEED bag with tender love and care. Be certain to minimize contact with water, oils, cosmetics and perfume. Be careful of the hand creams you use before carrying your bag and keep cosmetics in a separate cosmetic case where possible.
To store your handbag, place it in its protective bag, and keep the bag stuffed with tissue away from excessive heat, light and moisture. Place the handbag in a stand-up position in your closet where possilble, and if there is a chain shoulder strap if place the chain inside the bag you will avoid scratches on the exterior.

Should your handbag get wet, softly blot the water away and allow the bag to dry at room temperature. Then stuff the bag with tissue paper.

To clean the exterior of your leather or reptile handbag just use a soft cloth. If required use only a high-quality leather cleaner. If there are any particular stains, or you are not certain of what to do, bring or send your handbag to a professional restorer or get in touch:

Together we will help you preserve your bag for years to come: a future heirloom.