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“Every time you pick up a KNEED handbag you hold a piece of Italian culture.”

Every KNEED handbag proudly bears the “Made in Italy” label, connecting KNEED to the history of Italy’s leather artisans. Each bag, made in Florence, traces its lineage directly to the master leather guilds of the Renaissance.

The  meticulous skills of Florentine craftsmen were symbolic of the Renaissance and continue even today to provide the artistic heartbeat of Florence. Today’s Italian fashion industry traces its roots back to the 15th-century court of Catherine de Medici in Florence. After World War II Florence became the center of Italian high fashion and fine handbag making. Even today Florence remains the epicentre of the world’s finest leather goods manufacturing.

The master craftsmen who bring to life KNEED’s exquisite designs are among the remaining few who were trained from youth in the best Guild tradition. Their gift to KNEED is an unrivalled knowledge of how to transform a sketch on paper into a beautiful, modern leather handbag. A KNEED handbag can take up to 29 hours to make, and pass through as many as 12 artisans’ hands.

The creative team select a beautiful leather for each handbag design  rather like  a master perfumer chooses different notes to provide balance to the overall scent. Fine Italian leathers are tanned for a look that is both timeless and contemporary, and to provide a supple, natural hand. The leather construction is  enhanced  by a range of exquisite sophisticated trims, handle constructions, and jewellery chains as shoulder straps, ensuring that each bag has a multitude of ways to be worn and admired.

Working in tandem with the leather-goods makers is a team of artisans who construct hand woven braids that are the discrete and noble signature on KNEED bags. The delicate integration of the hand-woven braid in each handbag evokes the process of the Guild craftsmen collaborating at their workbenches. 

All KNEED handbags feature signature details that deliver elegance and functionality. The excellence of this innovative craftsmanship is evident in KNEED’s carefully designed interiors, perfectly proportioned pockets and pouches that accommodate water bottles, tech devices and other essentials. 

The result is a hand crafted product born of tradition, and built for modern times.