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Meet Jen Woodward, PR maverick and exemplary Woman in Charge.


What makes you feel ‘charged’? 

A visit to the ocean, being a part of charitable efforts, a good karaoke session with friends, riding Lily the horse, a challenging debate and a belly shaking laugh. 

What are your tips for managing your day to day life?

I make lists and keep my calendar up to date. And I have learnt that sometimes the list doesn’t get completed and it’s okay to move tasks to the next day!

What three essentials in your bag do you KNEED every day?

Hand Sanitizer, lip balm and I usually carry a mini toothbrush and toothpaste as I am obsessed with clean teeth.

What are your KNEED to know places to visit or things to do?

This is a hard one because thinking of travels right now as an American is disheartening. If I had to choose two places to go once safe, I would choose Japan and Kauai. I went to Japan for the first time with Sivan several years back and since then I’ve been back 6 times. (Sivan the person not the handbag style.) And Kauai is just physically one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen. 

What shapes are your favourite from the collection and why?

For the past couple years, my handbag has decreased in size. I want a bag big enough to fit my phone and other bare essentials but I prefer not to have a lot of extra space. I love the Rae and the Mimi because they allow just that. But when I have meetings or am traveling, the Maneeka is a perfect solution for a larger bag; a sleek, chic functional backpack. 

What does it mean for you to be a ‘Women in Charge’?

I think it means that a woman is in charge of her own life, her own feelings and her own actions. She is in every sense of the word – independent or at least strives to be truly herself without outside influences pulling her in other directions. 

What does the world KNEED right now?

Oh wow. A lot. But I think most of our problems come from the lack of real education and diversity. I think the world kneeds awareness of others and the ability to educate oneself in all things diverse not just what may be in our back yard or our general environment.