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Keren Or - the founder of KNEED shares her tips for staying in charge.


What makes you feel ‘charged’? 

A good nights sleep. And my children laughing.

What are your tips for managing your day to day life?

Write everything down that I have to do. I need to visually see my day on paper. I also need to work out first thing in the morning so that the tone is set for the rest of the day. Try to find humor as much as I can. 

What three essentials in your bag do you KNEED every day?

My wallet, phone, little stain remover towelettes.

What are your KNEED to know places to visit or things to do?

Getting chocolate at an artisanal chocolate maker named Tristan, in a tiny village in Switzerland called Perroy. 

Go hiking anywhere in Switzerland and trek through amazing forests and open hilltops. 

Sit around a fire pit at night at home with my husband an kids in Switzerland, and be mesmerized by the millions of shiny stars we can see.

Eat at Au Couer de la Cote in Vinzel, which is village out side of Geneva, and if you like cheese, eat something called a Malakoff. Trust me.

Eat at Miami Juice in Aventura, Florida. Incredibly healthy food that tastes unlike any other health food place. 

Go for walks at sunset on the islands in Miami Beach. You’ve never seen colors like these with silhouettes of palm trees swaying.

Also take a sunset cruise on the Miami River, through downtown Miami.

Visit the Rothkos at the MOMA in NYC.  

Eat an Indian breakfast at Pondicheri in NYC. Unbeatable. 

Get lost in the streets of Florence and discover all the amazing door knockers and end up at Buca Lapi for an incredible tuscan meal.

Also drive through villages in Tuscany and pretty much eat at any restaurant. They never disappoint.

Try to discover China as much as you can. One of the exciting and fascinating countries I have been to, and dreaming to go back again.

What shapes are your favourite from the collection and why?

This is by far the hardest question! Every bag I have conceived, is a relation to a woman I know. I have the honor to have incredible women in my life, and I conceive the bags based on their personalities and KNEEDs. Every style serves a purpose. As a wife, mother, business owner, my KNEEDs fluctuate daily, and therefore I am continuously changing my bag. The ones I probably use the most are the Golché, because it’s chic and my huge laptop and water bottle fit in there perfectly. The Liberty when I just want to feel light and hands free, like going for a hike or shopping at the market. The Sivan, when I’m going out to have a day with my kids, shopping or going out for dinner with my friends, so cool and practical at the same time. The Maneeka  for when I’m traveling. And when I feel really stylish, I’ll put on the Coco, day or night.

What does it mean for you to be a ‘Women in Charge’?

Finding work-life balance. Being comfortable in my skin. Doing what I want to do and making it happen.

What does the world KNEED right now? 

Empathy. Rationality. Voices to unite for the betterment of their societies and communities, and not fall into the rabbit hole of hate and vitriol.We need to think about the world the will belong to our kids in 20 years. What building blocks are we laying for them. Educate ourselves on events that are happening around the world and stop relying on information that was relayed to you in a post somewhere. So many interesting and smart people are doing things to really impact the world and the planet they need our support and involvement. Help preserve cultures and traditions for generations to come.